Neighbors Upset Over Signs Posted On Woman's Front Door

Jemila Khelaf Refuses To Remove Signs From Door

Residents in a North County subdivision are upset that a neighbor is posting offensive homemade signs on her front door.

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Residents in the Vista neighborhood of Moncato Springs told 10News they have been trying for months to get their neighbor Jemila Khelaf, who is African-American, to take down the signs that include: “Do not call me a n*****,” “No Trespassing, get off my property” and “Do not call me sand-n*****, get off my property.”

According to court documents obtained by 10News, Khelaf says she is a victim of neighborhood harassment and racism. She even compares the home owner’s association to the Ku Klux Klan.

Yet no one in the neighborhood can think of an event that would have cause Khelaf to post the signs.

“We’re a very accepting family, friendly oriented neighborhood and whatever issues she has with anybody is made up in her own head,” one neighbor said.

“I'm okay with her not liking me, I'm okay with her not liking the home owner's association, but I'm not okay with what she's choosing to post on her front door,” Trevor Meyers, president of the Moncato Springs HOA said.

Meyers told 10News that the neighborhood is the real victim here and local authorities are unwilling to do anything about it.

“She's threatened my family, my children. She threatened to sexually assault my 4-year-old daughter. When I call the sheriff's department, I'm told that's not a direct threat,” Meyers said.

Meyers also has a son who works on reading by breaking down words phonetically.

“When my 7-year-old, who is just learning to read, is trying to break down phonetically the n-word, what do you do as a parent?” He said.

Reporter Preston Phillips attempted to knock on Khelaf’s front door but no one answered. Khelaf did answer when Phillips called her home a few minutes later and she demanded 10News contact the Department of Justice for comment because she wasn’t giving one.

10News has reached out to local authorities and have yet to hear back.

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