Neighbor describes moments before shooting involving Border Patrol agent

Munique Tachiquin shot by Border Patrol agent

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - 10News on Wednesday went to the Chula Vista apartment where Border Patrol agents were serving a warrant when an agent shot and killed a mother of five, Munique Tachiquin. Neighbors who witnessed the failed operation from the beginning to its deadly ending shared their stories with 10News.

A man who lives next door to the apartment where Border Patrol agents were looking for a convicted felon did not want to be identified because he fears for his family's safety. He told 10News the agents never identified themselves. The felon named "Ricky" was not at the apartment last Friday but several others were.

"People come and go," the neighbor said. "There's a lot of traffic in that house."

On Tuesday, Chula Vista police said the apartment was known for drug activity.

A second neighbor, who also did not want to reveal his name, told 10News it is not a drug house. He admitted, "It's a party house, yeah, I'll give you that one."

He said had known Tachiquin for so long he that considered her family. He claims he was in the apartment when the undercover officers came around and that Tachiquin was in one of the two bedrooms.

"They tried to get in the house… telling the individual in the house that they were serving a warrant but they didn't have the warrants," he said.

He said Tachiquin slipped by and tried to get away from agents.

"[An agent was] telling her, 'Ma'am, please stop. Please stop. I need to talk to you. I need to talk to you,'" he said. "But she kept going."

The agent then followed her to her car parked on the street, the neighbor said. The neighbor walked a 10News crew through the apartment complex's parking lot and gave a step-by-step account of what he saw.

"Puts himself in front of the vehicle… he's got his foot underneath the tire and stuff and he's telling her, 'Get out of the car, ma'am. Get out of the car, ma'am,'" the neighbor said.

Instead, Tachiquin started the car and drove away.

"He takes like five steps to get back on that hood. He jumped on the hood. She did not hit him," the neighbor said.

Chula Vista police said on Tuesday that Tachiquin hit the agent twice.

"He ran caddy corner and got in front of her. I don't know what they said, but he just went to fire… boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," the neighbor said. "Breaks my heart. She looked at me before she died. She looked me in the eyes before she died."

Police also said Tachiquin was on probation for a drug-related arrest in 2011. It may have been why she tried desperately to get away.

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