Mother urges governor to sign 'Kathy's Law'

Bill made in response to death of Kathy Scharbarth


A Carlsbad mother is seeking the public's help in urging Gov. Jerry Brown to sign a bill into law that she believes would have prevented her daughter's death.

"She filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend after he stalked her and sent threatening emails. Seven days after she filed the restraining order, she was dead," said Ginny Scharbarth. She is the mother of 34-year-old Kathy Scharbarth, who was strangled in her home last year on the night before Thanksgiving.

The bill, AB-2467, would require those who make threats like Scharbarth's ex-boyfriend wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. 

"It would let law enforcement know immediately if the person was violating their restraining order and more importantly, it would alert the victim," said State Assemblyman Ben Hueso, who authored the bill.  

Hueso is convinced that if the law had been in place, it not only would have alerted Scharbarth to the potential danger but also Diana Gonzales. Gonzales, a student at San Diego City College, was stabbed to death at the school after her estranged husband received a restraining order. 

"We can't let this happen again," said Ginny Scharbarth. "We can't let another family go through the agony like my family has. Please write or call the governor's office to get this bill signed."

The bill is still pending and on the governor's desk.  He has until the end of the month to make a decision.

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