Moms Of Amber Dubois, John Gardner Both Show Up At Jail

Carrie McGonigle Asked Gardner's Family If She Could Use Their Visitation Time

Emotions ran high when Carrie McGonigle, Amber Dubois’ mother, was at the central jail as John Gardner’s mother and sister showed up to visit him on Tuesday.

McGonigle asked if they would allow her to take their visitation time so she could meet with Gardner before he is sentenced in three days, but she was told to stop harassing them.

McGonigle said she just wanted to ask Gardner why he killed her daughter, but Gardner’s mother and sister ignored her plea.

When asked if she had anything to say to McGonigle, Gardner’s sister said, “No comment. Leave my mom alone. You don’t even know!”

Sheila Welch, McGonigle’s mother, called Gardner evil for promising to talk with his victims’ families and then backing out.

“The only thing he has left in this world is to manipulate, that’s it,” said Welch. “All he can do is cause more pain and I feel that’s on his agenda.”

Psychologist Ken Druck lost his daughter Jenna and said he understands McGonigle’s desperation.

“There is a desperate need to connect the dots,” he said.

After watching the Gardner’s react to the media after McGonigle’s jail visit, Druck said he saw two broken families.

“Everybody has lost here,” he said. “What we see is families desperately trying to salvage their own lives, their own sanity, their own sense of justice.”