Mistress Testifies In Trial Of Wife Accused In Doctor's Death

Danielle Robins Says She Had An Affair With Navy Lt. Cmdr. Frederick Trayers

The other woman in a deadly love triangle testified on Wednesday against a Navy doctor's wife who is accused of stabbing her husband to death in a jealous rage.

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The mistress, Danielle Robins, told jurors on Wednesday she was in love and claimed she was planning a future with Navy Lt. Cmdr. Frederick Trayers.

When asked if she knew Frederick Trayers was married, Robins answered, "Yes."

Robins was a 30-year-old medical student and Frederick Trayers was a married emergency room doctor. Both were in the Navy. They met on the USS Mercy ship and quickly fell in love.

"He said they had issues and he was unhappy for a long time," said Robins.

Prosecutors said when his wife, Jennifer Trayers, learned about the affair she snapped and stabbed her husband eight times in the back and through the heart at their North Park condo in December 2010.

On Wednesday, she was visibly tense as she listened to the steamy details of her husband's affair.

"You told us at some point that in your room at the BOQ, Mr. Trayers comes over and at some point, your words were, 'The clothes came off.' Is that right?" asked a prosecutor.

"Yes, sir," answered Robins.

Frederick Trayers and his wife both had a history of infidelity and were going to counseling. The Navy doctor told his younger mistress he wanted to leave his wife.

Robins recounted secret meetings including jogs on the beach and hikes and bar-hopping the night of Jennifer Trayer's birthday.

She said she ended the affair after Frederick Trayers told her that his wife was pregnant. On Wednesday, the defense said Frederick Trayers was lying and that Jennifer Trayers was never pregnant.

They argued that Jennifer Trayers was on an emotional roller coaster and had planned to kill herself – not her husband.

The same day, she also sent Robins a chilling eight-page email telling her, "My husband is not going to be yours."

Testimony resumes on Thursday when Jennifer Trayers is expected to take the stand.

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