Missing McStay Family On America's Most Wanted

The effort to find a missing Fallbrook family has gone national.

On Saturday night, "America's Most Wanted" featured a story on the disappearance of Joseph McStay, his wife and their two young boys.

The family vanished in February. Their abandoned car was found in a parking lot near the San Ysidro border crossing.

10news spoke with Joseph McStay's brother on Saturday. He said the ordeal has taken a toll on their family, but he said they will not give up the search.

"I've got to find my family. I have to know they're OK period. Nothing's going to stop me," said Joseph McStay.

Joseph McStay told 10News he hopes the show generates new leads, and helps the authorities track down the missing family.

Friends and family of the Mcstays are already placing ads in newspapers across Baja.

In May, a waiter in a Baja restaurant told authorities he had seen the family. He said the family left behind a map, which he turned over to the authorities so it could be dusted for prints. But according to Mike McStay, the map was unable to yield results and is now being re-tested.

A Border Patrol video taken at the San Ysidro port Of entry was also unable to positively identify the family, after claims they were seen crossing the border into Mexico.