Minutemen Founder Faces Another Defamation Lawsuit

The founder of the San Diego Minutemen is facing more legal problems, 10News reported.

Jeff Schwilk is the focus of another defamation lawsuit that will be filed next week. In May, a jury decided he helped defame activist Joanne Yoon and was fined more than $130,000. A jury found Schwilk e-mailed members links to a Web site that called her vulgar names and implied Yoon was a prostitute.

Recently, another e-mail to Minutemen members allegedly defaming Yoon was obtained by her attorney, Dan Gilleon.

"We're surprised Jeff would be this stupid to do this again," said Gilleon.

The e-mail discusses Yoon, and then ends with a Web link and a statement: "Ironically, a video has surfaced recently on YouTube of Joanne Yoon admitting she is a prostitute and a hooker." The Web link leads to the video with a young Asian woman laughingly claiming she's a prostitute and a hooker.

Gilleon said, "There's no doubt he's connecting my client with the woman in the video. This shows how childish Jeff is. No, that's not Joanne Yoon, my client. The law says this is defamatory -- period.

Next week, Gilleon said he will file another lawsuit against Schwilk and will ask for $1.3 million this time.

"He's already been told by a jury that you can't do this. He's basically thumbing his nose at the jury and the law," said Gilleon.

In a written statement, Schwilk vowed to fight what he called a "false allegation" and a "malicious … harassing lawsuit."

As for the assertion the woman in the video is not Yoon, Schwilk said, "The public can decide if she is telling the truth."

10News learned Yoon, who now lives in Bakersfield, is very disturbed by the recent e-mail and simply wants Schwilk to leave her alone.