Minkow-Marsch Case Documents

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The following documents on this link (http://www.10news.com/download/2011/0613/28225029.pdf) contain:

-A press release on Barry Minkow's pleading with links to other documents for the Florida case.

-An excerpt from the bankruptcy case in San Diego that lays out the events that occurred that led to Minkow facing federal sentencing and Nicolas Marsch's possible criminal and civil litigation.

-A letter signed by Marsch to the board of Lennar Corp. In the letter, Marsch is applying pressure to the Lennar board urging them to "work out our differences like gentlemen." He compares the accounting on his partnership deal with Lennar or the North County Bridges project to the movie "Titanic" and he also is critical of the Lennar's choice of attorneys.

-An email Minkow sent to Marsch -- an "engagement letter" lays out how Minkow's Fraud Discovery Institute will apply pressure to Lennar. Should the company reject any settlement offers, Phase II of the Minkow plan is described.

The following link (http://www.10news.com/download/2011/0614/28226613.pdf) contains:

-An email Marsch claims Minkow sent him to solicit his business.