Memorial held at Camp Pendleton for 4 fallen Marines

Marines were in 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment


A heartfelt memorial at was held at Camp Pendleton on Friday for four fallen Marines who died in Afghanistan.

The 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment is home from a seven-month deployment to Afghanistan

Friday's memorial was for the four who did not make it back.

In a touching moment, family members and fellow Marines approached four military battle crosses. The memorial included all the traditions of a Marine memorial with the moment of the customary roll call.

The four young Marines had all enlisted in time of war, one that started when they were young boys.

All were searching out Taliban forces in the Helmand province. Cpl. Alex Martinez was killed in action and so was Sgt. Wade Wilson.

"I saw him in his last moment," said Lt. John Black during the memorial. "He gave his life protecting other Marines while taking fire."

Lance Cpl. Joshua Witsman was serving his second deployment. On Friday, his mother and wife were among the families honored.

Cpl. Juan Servin lost his only brother, Cpl. Anthony Servin, who had big plans to re-enlist and start a family.

"He had plans, you know," said Guadalupe Nava, Servin's aunt. "I overheard he had plans to get married… It hasn't sunk in yet."

Posthumous awards were given to all family members of the Marines. 

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