Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio discusses meetings with Doug Manchester

Manchester-owned U-T San Diego endorsed DeMaio

SAN DIEGO - San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio admitted to having at least two meetings with a local developer, but he said it has nothing to do with a piece of property that could possibly become the home of the San Diego Chargers.

10News asked DeMaio why meetings with local developer and U-T San Diego owner Doug Manchester were kept private.

"Absolutely, two campaign meetings," DeMaio told 10News Thursday.

U-T San Diego has a vision of its own for a waterfront site near the San Diego Convention Center.

"As a private citizen, I introduced the U-T to two exceptionally qualified candidates for City Council -- Scott Sherman and Ray Ellis," he said.

10News' questions about two meetings with Manchester stem from a Monday night debate with media partners KPBS.

During the debate, DeMaio's opponent, Rep. Bob Filner, asked him to come clean about his meetings with Manchester and the U-T editorial board.

"My office has released all emails and it shows that we've had no conversations over email," said DeMaio during the KPBS debate. "I've taken a meeting requested by the editorial board and we meet with the editorial board and interested groups on a number of issues."

In his campaign office Thursday, he told 10News that the meeting was not to gain influence should he become San Diego's next mayor.

"In the context of a campaign meeting, that meeting did occur," he said. "It had nothing to do with the 10th Avenue Terminal."

Those meetings raised red flags for some, as Manchester may have a vested interest in a new stadium near the hotel that still bears his last name. All 96 acres of the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal are considered prime real estate.

10News asked, "Is Doug Manchester a supporter of yours?"

DeMaio answered, "I believe he is. His paper endorsed me … he has not contributed directly to my campaign."

10News also asked him about keeping two calendars -- one that he discloses for public business online, the 15th of every month, the other that is private.

He said he sought the advice of the San Diego City Attorney's Office.

"We felt it best to have a firewall between my public events and personal or campaign events," he added.

10News contacted the San Diego City Attorney's Office and a representative said only public records need to be disclosed.

In this case, the office said a private calendar is not considered public record.

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