Matthew Hedge's whereabouts unknown

Hedge convicted of sexually assaulting 4 children

SAN DIEGO - Three days after his unconditional release, Matthew Hedge had not told authorities where he plans to live.

Hedge has five business days to report his new address to San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies, who will alert law enforcement and neighbors.

Hedge is free to go anywhere – even out of the state of California – but as long as he is in the United States, he will be a registered sex offender who has to report regularly to authorities.

Lt. James Bolwerk, who is with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, said although they do not have Hedge’s permanent address, they are keeping "very close tabs" on him.

"I wouldn't say we don't know where he is, but I also wouldn't say that he has a lot of strings attached," said Bolwerk. 

There are 5,165 registered sex offenders in San Diego County and Bolwerk says the SAFE Task Force is aware of each and every one, conducting random checks and making sure they are not violating the terms of their release.

Hedge was convicted of violently sexually assaulting two girls and two boys. He spent time both in prison and in a state mental facility before being sent to live in a trailer parked in a remote section of Donovan State Prison in Otay Mesa. 

While living in the trailer, he was required to wear a GPS monitor on his ankle and to report his daily movements. Now, Hedge is free to come and go as he pleases.

"Our people watch these guys like hawks," explained Bolwerk, who says citizens should not be worried about him breaking the law right away. "I certainly can't divulge what's going on right now behind the scenes because we want to keep the peace, rather than stir it up."

If Hedge does not register his new address by Friday, he will be arrested and charged with a felony.

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