Man Who Snuck Onto Plane Gives Jailhouse Interview

Parolee Goes On Rant About Devil Possessing His Body

Marc Duncan was arraigned late Thursday afternoon on three separate security violations, but what emerged from the jailhouse interview conducted by 10News was a picture of a man who clearly has some problems, which makes what he did even more scary.

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On Tuesday, Duncan was found was found sitting in a United Express commuter plane, after he simply walked through a secure area unchecked and got on.

Duncan told 10News, "Yeah, I just jumped on a plane. I'm sick and tired of the security issues at airports."

Duncan had just been released from jail for petty theft and drug charges.

When pressed as to why he wanted to get on the plane he said, "I was trying to go to Juneau, Alaska, to try and resolve this dispute on why terror cells blew up the World Trade Center."

Duncan then went on a four-minute rant about the devil possessing his body.

He pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor security counts which could land him in jail for another year if convicted.

Duncan is being held on $15,000 bail.

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