Man Wearing Mask Vandalizes Dozens Of Cars

Vandalism Occurred Off Del Mar Heights Road

Police are trying to track down the vandal who slashed the tires of at least two dozen cars or trucks in Carmel Valley.

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Neighbors started calling police just after 9 p.m. Wednesday night. Tires were flattened and some cars were broken into along Pearlman Way, Bay Wind, Carmel Knolls Drive, Valerie Street and Seagrove Court.

"There are a number of victims in this who had either tires slashed, cars broken into and there were actually a couple of garage prowls as well, where he accessed the garage door openers and accessed a couple of garages," said San Diego Police Sgt. Pete Cohen.

Witnesses said the vandal was wearing a mask. Police used a dog and helicopter to search a nearby canyon.

"We did get some evidence out of the canyon, unfortunately, we did not get the suspect into custody," said Sgt. Cohen.

According to police, the prowler left the knife behind.

Officers left notes for the owners of several damaged cars. The number of victims could rise as more neighbors discover the damage.

Nothing was stolen, but the damage was widespread. It covered more than a quarter-mile area.

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