Man Thanks People Who Helped Save His Life

Brian Bristol Was On Afternoon Jog When He Went Into Cardiac Arrest

A chilling 911 call captured the efforts of two strangers to save a local man who had a heart attack during an afternoon jog.

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On Tuesday, the Alpine Fire Department honored the two good Samaritans for their actions that helped save Brian Bristol's life.

Bristol, who is a superintendent at the Lakeside School District, was out for a jog along Victoria Drive in Alpine last month when he went into full cardiac arrest.

Bristol has no memory of what happened, but the two people who helped saved his life remember every detail. He became emotional as heard the 911 call for the first time on Tuesday.

"I'm just tingling over it," he said. "It was so emotional to hear I was just lying there like that and knowing that 90 percent of people don't recover from something like that and die."

Kellie Peel is the reason Bristol did not die. She was on her way home with her five children when she spotted Bristol's lifeless body in a pile of brush and cactus. She called 911, telling the dispatcher that there was a man along the side of road that did not appear to be breathing.

"There was no life in his eyes," she said. "It very was scary."

Joe Kuhn pulled over as well. He did chest compressions while Peel stayed on the line.

"[I was saying], 'Come on, buddy. Help is on the way,'" said Kuhn.

After five minutes, paramedics arrived and because of early CPR, they managed to bring Bristol back from the brink of death.

The team was recognized for their heroism. For Bristol, the gratitude cannot go deep enough.

"If they had not stopped and taken a moment out of the day, I would not be alive today." said Bristol. "I was dead and they helped bring me back to life."

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