Man's Security Camera Catches Real-Life 'Grinch' In Act

Homeowner's Video Footage Shows Thief Stealing Christmas Package From Porch

A University Heights man is hoping surveillance footage of a recent theft in front of his home will lead to the arrest of a real-life "Grinch."

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In a video posted on YouTube and set to the tune of "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch," a thief is seen on the prowl, looking to spoil Christmas for an unsuspecting victim.

The victim came home to find a crime had been committed.

He told 10News, "I noticed the FedEx sticker on the door. Where's my package?"

The man said he was angry and disappointed when he realized his package was stolen.

"It pissed me off. He stole my present," said the victim, who told 10News the package was from his sister in the Bay Area.

The man told 10News he installed a surveillance camera after being burglarized earlier this year. He had the video and an idea about just the right music to accompany it for YouTube.

"I thought it was perfect; the time of the year, my Christmas present," he said.

Scott Fiedler, a FedEx corporate communications specialist in Memphis, Tenn., told 10News in a phone interview: "Our personnel are trained to remain alert to spot suspicious activity if somebody's following them. We also have … our team members have the authority to not deliver shipments if the area is unsafe."

In this case, though, the FedEx driver had no idea he was being followed until the victim told him.

"He was shocked when I told him he was probably being followed," the victim said.

The next day, that same FedEx driver spotted a suspicious car behind him and wrote down the license plate number.

With the new information and the surveillance footage, the victim is hoping the holiday thief is captured soon.

10News learned police have the license plate information and the video, but no arrest has been made.

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