Man's Cancer Charity Receives Hollywood Support

Life has thrown Craig Pollard some roadblocks.

He developed cancer when he was 15 years old, a relapse at 19 years old and a bacterial infection three years ago that cost him both his legs.

"Three of my nine lives are used up, so I got six more," said Pollard.

An attitude like that has made a huge impression on his longtime friend, actor Will Ferrell.

"He's the most rock-solid guy who doesn't complain about anything and is just excited for the next day," said Ferrell.

Ferrell has done a lot to support Pollard's charity, Cancer for College, including hitting heads of lettuce to promote a golf tournament.

"You have one of Hollywood's biggest stars supporting your cause and basically never saying no to any request I ask," said Pollard.

A charity that used to hand out $10,000 in scholarships a year now hands out $250,000 a year.

Scholarship recipient Kelly Purcell said, "My mom and I were in tears, and it was really exciting because it was obviously a huge help getting the scholarship."

"Cancer is expensive. What it does emotionally and to your body is huge but also it's really expensive, and this scholarship to my family helped a ton," said scholarship recipient Ashley Eakin.

Now, there is sunscreen with Ferrell's picture, to raise more money for scholarships.

So far, three kinds of Will Ferrell sunscreen have raised $100,000 for Pollard's charity.

The annual Cancer for College golf tournament and dinner, hosted by Ferrell, will be held on September 18.

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