Man In Fake Officer Case Claims He Can't Get Fair Trial

Kevin Kenniston Has Filed Motion To Have District Attorney's Office Off Case

10News has uncovered disturbing new details about a Chula Vista man accused of impersonating a police officer as well as why he claims he cannot get a fair trial in San Diego.

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Police say Kevin Kenniston pulled people over in a phony police cruiser.

In a motion filed a few days ago, Kenniston said the district attorney's office is prejudiced against him and he cannot get a fair trial anywhere in San Diego County.

Attorney David Miller studied Kenniston's motion to have the district attorney's office thrown off the case.

"I can't see the motion succeeding," said Miller.

Kenniston's argument behind the motion is based on the fact that he used a fake police car to pull over the wife of Enrique Camarena, a deputy district attorney.

The motion said, "As a result of office-wide camaraderie, [Kenniston] cannot receive a fair trial."

"They're just wishing that this will work," said Miller. "I think it's unlikely to work."

Kenniston is facing 32 counts including impersonating an officer, battery of significant other, felony child abuse, cruelty to a child, kidnapping and stalking.

"The man is a clear danger to women in the San Diego community," said Miller.

According to court documents obtained by 10News, five different women have filed restraining orders against Kenniston.

One said Kenniston "grabbed her by the neck with both hands and choked her until she started to black out… [and] on at least five occasions punched and kicked her."

Another woman said he "doused her in lighter fluid and threw between 10 and 15 lit matches at her" hoping to "burn her up."

Yet another woman told police "Kenniston punched her in the face so many times that she passed out."

"I can't say I've seen a bigger danger to community in quite a while," said Miller.

Kenniston remains in custody. Bond was set at $1 million.

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