Man Gets Out Of Prison After Killing Bully In '95

Harper Terrorized Spring Valley Neighborhood

A retired Navy commander is scheduled to be released from state prison this week -- exactly nine years after he killed a bully terrorizing his San Diego neighborhood, 10News reported.

Danny Palm, 60, (pictured, right) was convicted of second-degree murder for shooting John Harper Jr. in one of the most controversial trials in San Diego County history. The judge in the case reduced the charge to voluntary manslaughter.

Palm shot the 48-year-old Harper nine times -- pausing to reload -- then calmly waited for the police. Harper had harassed Palm's Spring Valley neighbors by tailgating them, threatening to ram their cars and trying to run them off the road.

Neighbors documented more than 150 incidents affecting 42 victims.

"John Harper had driven at me in his car. He used his car to assault my son. He threw rocks at my daughter," neighbor Barbara Bunderson said.

Many neighbors plan to welcome Palm home by tying yellow ribbons to his mailbox, trees, and power poles.

"I would say thank you. I'm glad he was willing to put himself on the line for the neighbors. I know he was worried about us, our family and we're grateful to him," Bunderson said.

The Palm family is keeping a low profile and whatever welcoming party is planned will be a private one, according to 10News.

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