Man Accused Of Molestations Changes Plea

Henry Parson Previously Profiled By 10News I-Team

A man accused of molestations and profiled in a 10News I-Team report changed his plea in a Vista courtroom Thursday.

Henry Parson was charged with sex with a child, molestation, possessing child porn and using a child to make pornography.

Parson admitted molesting two girls under the age of 14 and a third under 18. The other counts were dismissed, and he will go to prison for six years for pleading guilty.

"It's a relief that I may be able to go to bed at night with confidence that he's not going to knock on my door and try to hurt my child," said Parson's ex-wife, Joyce Murphy.

Murphy told the I-Team that family court did not believe her when she told of living in terror of Parson.

Several years ago, Murphy fled to Florida with their daughter when he was granted visitation, but was later arrested. Because of that act Parson was granted sole custody of their daughter.

"It was a living hell that I don't wish on anyone else," said Murphy.

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    Murphy has her child back now, and although Parson admitted to molesting three girls he did not admit to molesting their daughter.

    Their daughter is 12 years old now and is learning to trust again, Murphy said.

    Murphy added that they are both getting better.

    She said she would like an apology from both family court and criminal court for not launching an investigation into Parson years ago.