Local Woman Says Border Patrol Agent Attacked Her

Incident Occurred While Woman Was Leaving Cirque Du Soleil Performance On May 27

A local woman said she was attacked by a Border Patrol agent after a Cirque du Soleil performance in Del Mar.

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The woman, who was only identified as "Jenny", said she was beaten by Border Patrol agent Kellie Lamb Helwig while she was leaving a Cirque du Solei performance on May 27.

"Next thing I knew, she punches me on my left temple," said Jenny, who is a military doctor. "I didn't feel the other two hits. She hit me on the right side of my jaw and the left side of my jaw."

Jenny said Helwig was waiting for her after the show was over. She said she had exchanged words with Helwig and another Border Patrol agent, Gerald Joseph Torello, during the performance.

According to a report by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, several other people say they saw Helwig performing fellatio on Torello.

"Her head and her hands were moving up and down rhythmically," said Jenny. "I could only assume that there was some sort of sex act being performed."

Jenny said Helwig assaulted her after security escorted Helwig and Torello out of the show.

10News went to the homes of Helwig and Torello to get their side of the story. There was no answer at either home.

"Someone who's a federal agent whose job is to protect us… I do hold them to a higher standard," said Jenny.

Both Border Patrol agents listed the Imperial Beach station as their place of work, according to the sheriff's department report.

Helwig was arrested on suspicion of battery and Torello was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.

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