Local woman files lawsuit, says she was struck in parking space dispute

Seaport Village incident sparks lawsuit

SAN DIEGO - Mediation will take place 10 months after an ugly scene outside Seaport Village stemming from a confrontation over a parking space.

Sacha Boutros claims she was struck after a man driving a BMW didn't get what he wanted.

For Boutros, singing is her passion and her profession, but for many months, standing and singing became impossible because of the pain.

"It's like taking my life away from me," she told 10News.

In December, that life flashed in front of her at a parking space outside Seaport Village. She was standing in the space, holding it for a friend as she gave him directions on the phone. That's when she said a white BMW drove by.

"He screamed at me and said, 'Move!'" said Boutros.

After Boutros said she thought she saw another space, Boutros said the driver left to look for a space, but moments later, he was back.

"He screamed at me and said, "Move your fat [expletive] ass or I'll hit you," said Boutros.

Boutros said the car slowly came closer and closer before hitting her and taking off.

"My knee went backward. I was shaking because I couldn't believe what happened," said Boutros.

Boutros said she suffered a hyper-extended knee and damaged ligaments. The injuries forced her to cancel her tour to Hawaii and appearances.

Meanwhile, a photo of the BMW she took after the incident led her to the driver.

In a lawsuit she filed, the accused driver was identified as Douglas Murphy, a personal injury attorney.

"Any person who should know better than to try to scare someone by threatening to hit them with a car would be a personal injury attorney," said Steve Haskins, Boutros' attorney.

"There's a pain that's still constant behind my knee. After a lot of therapy, I can stand for a performance, but at a cost. The next day, I have to do more therapy," said Boutros.

Some 10 months after the incident, the pain lingers, along with the anger.

"I think it was appalling because it was over a parking spot," said Boutros.

Boutros did file a police report with the San Diego Harbor Police Department, but no arrest was ever made.

Boutros said she told police she had been hurt, but that's not what it said in the report.

A police representative said they plan to look into the discrepancy.

Murphy didn't return 10News' calls for a comment.

A mediation in the lawsuit is planned for Wednesday.

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