Local Woman Asks Vick To Visit Dog He Once Owned

This weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Michael Vick visit San Diego to play the Chargers, and a Pacific Beach woman said she would like to add to his agenda.

"I'd like to invite Mr. Vick to see one of his dogs," said Nicole Rattay, the head of Just A Dog Rescue.

For the last year and a half, Rattay has been fostering Iggy, who was found tied up in the woods in April 2007 at Vick's dog-fighting operation in Virginia. Iggy was one of some 50 pit bulls rescued as part of a dog-fighting ring authorities said involved torture and executions.

Physically, Iggy was OK, but nearly three years later, Iggy still feels the mental scars.

"He probably heard and saw the dog-fighting and executions and was never socialized. Now, he is unable to leave the house. He's too frightened of anything new, be it people, cars or other objects. It's heartbreaking to know he'll be, in some way, damaged for the rest of his life," said Rattay.

When 10News cameras visited his back yard, Iggy ran in circles for 15 minutes to hide. Rattay said anything new, including a camera, can cause the dog to run in circles and hide.

Rattay said she is hoping Vick will come for an up-close look at the impact of his crimes. She said she believes her invitation could help back Vick's cliams of turning his life around.

While he has served a sentence, Rattay said she has not seen real remorse, only the desire to save a career.

"I think it's a step in the right direction in proving his sincerity. I would hope to see in his eyes a true understanding of what he's done," said Rattay.

That did not happen at an Oakland Raiders game last month, when Vick declined a similar invitation from the Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit bulls (BAD RAP) rescue group.

If Vick has a change of heart, Rattay said she will be ready.

Iggy may also be ready to take his own step forward. Rattay said he will always have issues, but each day his self-esteem slowly grows. He loves playing with other dogs in his rescue group and is getting more receptive to people.

"There's absolutely a happy dog in there," said Rattay.

If Vick does agree to see Iggy, his probation will require conditions, including staying a certain distance away.

Neither the Eagles nor Vick's agent responded to 10News' calls.

10News learned several animal groups are planning a protest at this Sunday's game.