Local Sailor Surprises Sons At Little League Game

Sailor Bobby Roy Returned Home After Six-Month Deployment To Afghanistan

A local sailor back from a six-month deployment surprised his two sons at their Little League game on Wednesday.

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U.S. Navy service member Bobby Roy returned home Wednesday morning with thousands of other sailors and Marines on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson after a six-month deployment to Afghanistan.

"We love what we do, we do what we do, but I tell you, without the home front it's hard," said Roy.

His two boys, Christian and Brady, were not expecting Roy back home until Thursday and were definitely not expecting him to show up to their Little League game Wednesday evening.

As the boys were leading the Pledge of Allegiance, their father ran onto the field without them knowing as their mother stood on the sideline, fighting back tears.

Once the Pledge of Allegiance was over, the boys turned and ran to their father.

"I was thinking… I thought he was coming tomorrow but he was actually coming today and I didn't know that," said Roy's son Christian.

Roy said, "All you have to do is think about these guys one time and it just brings a tear to your eye because you miss them so much."

"The surprise was forever memorable because my kids will never forget this and they will remember their dad coming home from deployment forever now, so it's really, really special to our family," said Roy's wife, Jessica.

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