Local Rattlesnake Bite Victim Talks To 10News

Kenny Ngo Bitten On Heel By Baby Rattlesnake Inside Rancho Penasquitos Home

A Rancho Penasquitos man bitten by a baby rattlesnake returned home from the hospital Tuesday and spoke to 10News' Steve Fiorina about the incident.

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According to authorities, 40-year-old Kenny Ngo was wearing socks but no shoes when he walked into the kitchen of his condominium on Monday when the snake slithered up behind him and bit him on the right heel.

Ngo told 10News he grabbed a golf club -- a Calloway four-iron -- from his bag a few feet away and killed the snake before dialing 911.

"I got stung, right? I freaked out, went and grabbed the stick. I just whacked; missed the first time and then the second one I hit it," said Ngo

Ngo told 10News he almost immediately began to feel numbness in his entire body and had trouble pronouncing words to the emergency operator.

"The numbness … I felt like my body was swelling up and I couldn't communicate. I was slurring on the phone, trying to get the address and they couldn't comprehend me, and next thing you know they were at the door," said Ngo.

Paramedics were able to trace the call to his condo and rushed him to the hospital.

"They tried to get me on the gurney and I just collapsed. My body was stiff," said Ngo.

Ngo is in top physical condition and his body responded well to the anti-venom. He was released from the hospital after less than 24 hours.

"I've been stung by a bee. This is like five times stronger," he said.

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