Local Passenger Strips Down To Underwear At Checkpoint

San Diegan Sam Wolanyk Arrested, Accused Of Violating Airport Codes

A second San Diego passenger has decided to stand up to the Transportation Security Administration's pat-downs by stripping all the way down to his underwear.

San Diego resident Sam Wolanyk was supposed to be flying out of Lindbergh Field to Barbados last Friday, but was grounded and unable to go anywhere past the checkpoint. It was then that he decided to strip down to his black Calvin Klein underwear.

In a phone interview with 10News Monday, Wolanyk said, "I just pulled off my shirts and my jeans and set them on the table."

He said he refused to put his clothes back on and was then taken into custody and cited by the San Diego Harbor Police Department for refusing to complete the airport's security process and for attempting to record what was happening. Wolanyk said his camera and his iPhone were confiscated.

10News asked him if he knew he was going to do this before entering the security check area, and Wolanyk said he knew that he was not going to go through the scanner.

"I also knew that I did not want to be felt up by somebody that I didn't know," Wolanyk added.

He said he complied with everything asked of him to complete his security check.

"I refused to put my clothes back on, but I never refused the pat-down."

When he refused the pat-down, police instructed him to put his hands behind his back. He was handcuffed, in just his underwear, and held in the custody of the Harbor Police for nearly an hour.

The San Diego Port Authority, which oversees the Harbor Police, confirmed with 10News that Wolanyk was cited on two misdemeanor counts for breaking two different airport codes.

10News learned this was not Wolanyk's first run-in with the law. Two years ago, he was arrested for carrying an unloaded handgun while at Mission Beach. He sued the city of San Diego for false arrest and was awarded $35,000.

For this latest arrest, he has to make a court appearance on or before January 7, 2011.

Wolanyk said he hopes to get his camera and iPhone back.