Local Mom Who Beat Cancer To Release Memoir

Laura Roppe Wrote 'Rocking the Pink' About Her Experience Battling Rare Breast Cancer

A San Diego mother who triumphed over a rare type of cancer will soon release a memoir about her experience.

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After 13 years, 37-year-old Laura Roppe decided to hang up her suits and legal briefs and started to live her dream to be a singer-songwriter.

In 2008, she signed her first record deal. A few days later, a phone call from her doctor sent her world crashing down.

"He said, 'I'm so sorry, Laura. The results are back and it's cancer,'" said Roppe. She said she could barely speak and her legs would not move.

Roppe was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, which is rare and aggressive. Surgery, chemotherapy and then radiation began immediately.

She told 10News that love got her through treatment.

"Love from my husband [and] love from my little girls who would kiss my bald head," said Roppe.

She said she was also stunned by the outpouring of support not only from friends and neighbors but from strangers.

She said during chemotherapy, something clicked.

"I walked out in the sunshine with my bald head and all of a sudden, a song came to me and it was called, 'I'm Still Here,'" said Roppe.

She calls it a "Dear John" letter to cancer. Her song has more than a million views on YouTube and it is featured on her second album.

A British tour and the Los Angeles Music Awards followed. She said she was just getting started.

"The thought of my children growing up without me and without knowing who I really am and knowing my story is something I couldn't live with," she said.

Roppe then wrote "Rocking the Pink," a memoir filled with humor and the discoveries cancer forced her to make.

"It has made me stronger," she said. "It has made me more honest and authentic and more risk-taking."

Roppe said she hopes her story will help others find their inner strength and their inner rock star.

"If I can do that for a couple of people out there, my book is something I'll always be proud of," she said.

Roppe said after three years, she is doing well with regards to cancer. Her book launch party is scheduled for March 8 at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego.

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