Local Man On 'No-Fly List' Back In San Diego

San Diegan Kevin Iraniha Was Barred From Flying Home From Costa Rica After Appearing On List Earlier This Week

A man who was not allowed to board a flight from Costa Rica to San Diego because his name appeared on a "no-fly list" returned to the U.S. Thursday evening.

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Kevin Iraniha, 27, managed to catch a flight from Costa Rica to Mexico City, and then on to Tijuana. Shortly after 7 p.m., Iraniha walked across the border into the U.S.

Iraniha, a San Diego State University graduate who was born in the U.S., told 10News he never did anything wrong and was being discriminated against because he’s Muslim. Iraniha was in Costa Rica studying international law and recently graduated.

"This is a clear violation of his civil and constitutional rights," said Hanif Mohebi, the executive director of the Council for Americal-Islamic Relations in Kearny Mesa.

According to the Council of American-Islamic Relations, on June 5, Iraniha was not permitted to board a flight to the U.S. He was interviewed by the FBI regarding his political and religious affiliations and travel history, but the Council of American-Islamic Relations said Iraniha did not receive a clear reason for his placement on the no-fly list.

Mohebi said, "We have dealt with this before, and once you get on them there is almost no way to get off of it."

Iraniha had previously flown back and forth from his studies to San Diego without any issue, 10News learned.

Aviation security expert Glen Winn said it doesn't matter how many times Iraniha went back and forth. He believes something in Iraniha's past caused authorities to add him to the list.

10News learned Iraniha traveled to Egypt during the uprising and revolution, and the FBI came to the family's home in Lemon Grove and spoke with him at length.

"I've been living here since I was born. My dad has been here over 30 years and nothing has started until the last few months," said Iraniha's brother, Shervin.

Shervin Iraniha told 10News his brother had also visited Palestine, but it was a humanitarian-type visit.

Could his name appearing on a no-fly list be accidental? Winn said those kind of errors are a thing of the past.

"They've done filtering of that now and there shouldn't be any errors, although there are human errors in everything. The potential for errors here are 1 percent," said Winn.

Trent Duffy of the Terrorist Screening Center would not reveal why Iraniha was added to the no-fly list. He told 10News, "A no-fly list means he can't fly into the country or use a domestic airline, but he can still travel … A U.S. citizen can cross international borders and be allowed back in, but that doesn't apply to non-citizens on the list; they are barred from entry."

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