San Diego man headed to space

Scott Borden used to sell space flights


It's hard to wipe the smile off of Scott Borden's face. The former travel agent will soon take a trip that is unlike any other he has taken or booked before. He is going to outer space.
"I'm going up there," Borden told 10News. "I'm going so far you can't see me. I'm going up where I can see space. I'm going to look down on the earth below me. I'm going to see the atmosphere. I'm going to be floating around weightless. It won't be very long but what an experience." 
Borden knows firsthand what to expect on the trip. He was one of the first "space agents" for Virgin Galactic to be certified to sell these flights.
"When Virgin Galactic said we're going to start taking people to space, how do you sell that?" asked Borden. "Do you take an ad out in 'Vogue'? How do you sell space flights?"
He was among 100 selected from around the country that were trained and certified in selling space travel reservations.
He has sold seats for upcoming adventures, including hour-and-a half long trips from the desert of New Mexico into space that will give these new types of astronauts a glimpse of the world.
"I was so good at pitching it that I convinced myself to go," Borden added.
However, his reservation was not cheap.
"How much is a seat on one of these flights?" asked 10News reporter Jennifer Jensen. 
Borden responded, "A ticket on Virgin Galactic is $200,000 which seems like a lot of money, but in the terms of space flight, let's be real. It is a lot of money but in the world of space flight, it's actually inexpensive. It's the least cost option to actually go all the way to space."
Borden knows he is fortunate. He said he has worked hard his whole life and has been a good saver. He also said this trip is worth every penny.
"You know, this is the coolest thing I am going to be able to do at my point in life, in my generation and if I want to take this little chunk of money – OK, this big chunk of money – and do this with it, that's what I would like to do," he said.
He also had a message for the younger generation.
"For young people high-school age, who are looking for direction, I would keep an eye on this," he said. "I would definitely pay attention in math and science classes. Space flight is looking to be taking off."
And in 2015, so will Borden.
"I'll send you a postcard," he laughed.
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