Local Little League Champs Inspire Others To Play

The Park View All-Stars' Little League World Series victory has gotten people in the county excited about little league baseball and wanting to play it.

While the excitement about Park View's run to the title has meant excitement about little league, nationally, participation has been dropping from 3 million players in 1996 to 2.5 million last year.

"Obviously we're competing with soccer, basketball, [and] football," Ernie Lucero, the administrator for the little league district that includes Park View, said. Lucero said their numbers have been flat but that is changing.

".. Because of [Park View's] success sign-ups for winter little league, which begins next week, are up significantly," Lucero said.

The spring season should be very busy.

Lucero said, "Our numbers are going to increase and we're getting phone calls from people in the neighborhood who want to be managers, who want to be coaches." Even men without sons in little league.

At the Stadium Golf Center they're seen a difference. Many more kids are going there to use the batting cages.

Park View's field is deserted now, but it will likely be busier than ever in the future.