Local garbage man featured in new political ad targeting Mitt Romney

Man gets trash in front of Romney's La Jolla home

SAN DIEGO - A local garbage man is being featured in a series of new political attack ads targeting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The ads were created to put a face to America's public service workers. They include workers like San Diegan Richard Hayes, a garbage collector who picks up trash in front of Romney's oceanfront La Jolla home.

"When I'm 55 to 60 years old, I know my body is going to be breaking down, but Romney doesn't care about that," Hayes says in one of the ads.

10News took the ad and two others featuring San Diego workers to political science professor Carl Luna.

"It's a very interesting ad," said Luna. "It's the common man versus the patrician."

The ads were created by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a union with 1.6 million members, including Hayes. They said the idea came from Romney's comments caught in a viral video released by Mother Jones.

"If Mitt Romney loses this campaign, I think the forensics of it, they'll look back and say that was the video… the moment when he lost it," said Luna.

10News contacted the Republican Party of San Diego County for their response to the ad.

"It would seem to me that Richard is one of the lucky ones," said Tony Krvaric, the chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County. "He has a job, unlike millions of Americans who cannot find a job due to President Obama's failure to get our economy moving again."

Luna added, "For the Romney campaign, the best thing to do with this ad is either ignore it or just to start your own counter-narrative about job creation and the rest."

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