Local Family On Verge Of Losing 'Extreme Makeover' Home

Five years ago, the Wofford family's home received a new house on ABC's "Extreme Makeover" show. But now the family's Encinitas home may be weeks away from foreclosure.

For the past two years, the Woffords have been fighting just to live in their home.

The family -- 8 kids and dad, Dr. Brian Wofford -- is still happy despite the prospect of losing their home.

Wofford's wife, Theresa, died in 2000, and the new home helped the family move on.

"It's been a great, great blessing," said Wofford.

However, the blessing turned into a nightmare two years ago when the mortgage crisis that crippled millions of Americans also hit the Woffords. Their mortgage adjusted and Wofford's chiropractic clinic was not making enough.

"A lot of people think when you get the house you get the mortgage. Well, you don't," said Wofford.

He failed several times to modify the loan with IndyMac, and he even hired an attorney, Mike Curran.

"Providing documents, and providing documents again and again and again, and they still don't have a modification at this point," said Curran.

The Wofford children have watched their father wear himself thin in an effort to save the home.

"I've never seen him more worried in my life, other than when my mom passed," said Bekah Wofford.

Eight months ago, another attempt to modify failed when IndyMac went under. OneWest Bank took over and said it would help the Woffords. A OneWest representative told 10News the family would have their loan modification papers by next week.

"I haven't seen anything in writing. I am hopeful," said Wofford.

No matter what happens, Wofford said he would be happy as long as he has his family.

"If I have my family and I live in a tent, I'm in good shape. Better be a big tent though," said Wofford.

If the Woffords' latest loan modification does not work, the Extreme Makeover home will be on the auction block December 14.