Local counterterrorism summit will host zombie drill

Drill set for Halloween at Paradise Point Resort


Ready or not, an army of zombies is headed to San Diego, and they're invited.
It is part of a major counterterrorism training that will include more than 1,000 people. 
In the movies, zombies are hungry and relentless, which is exactly why Brad Barker invited them to San Diego.
"We chose zombies because they cause a lot of havoc," said Barker, who is the president of San Diego security firm HALO Corp.
That havoc will be created on Halloween at Paradise Point Resort during a counterterrorism summit. Inside that summit will be a so-called "zombie apocalypse," which will be complete with Hollywood sets and will await more than 1,000 people. Those include law enforcement, military, federal agents and local first-responders.
Zombies were chosen as the enemy because the chaos they create would force so many to come together and work together.
"They chase you, they come after you in mobs, and if they bite you, then it's a biological or chemical incident," said Barker.
We know they can create destruction, but why the not-so-serious approach to an issue that is so important?
"It turns down the pressure cooker so people can relax a bit and really focus on where the training is," said Barker.
Regarding the exact details of the training, Barker is not divulging details. 10News has learned the original script, which had a legion of zombies invading a U.S. embassy, will likely be revised because of the deadly attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya.
"We have to be sensitive to that ongoing scenario," said Barker. 
But when it comes to the new scenario, there will be plenty of brain-hungry, fear-inducing enemies to be fought in the name of national security.
Barker said the zombie idea stemmed from a 2011 campaign from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that used fictional zombies to encourage being prepared for an emergency.
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