Lobster Season In San Diego Begins Today

Lobster Season To Last Until Mid-March

The start of lobster season Saturday gave San Diego lifeguards a few extra emergencies to respond to, but so far no one has been injured or arrested for illegal fishing, lifeguards said.

Lobster season officially began at 12 midnight, but high surf deterred many of the divers who swim to kelp beds and along rocky shores to search for the spiny crustaceans, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Lt. Nick Lerma said.

Lifeguards helped a lobster diver near the La Jolla Children's Pool swim to shore and towed a fishing boat that had lost power outside the surf, Lerma said.

Anyone hunting lobster needs to have a California fishing license, can only catch them with bare or gloved hands, must have a gauge for measuring them and are limited to a catch of seven.

Commercial fisherman will be allowed to go after lobster next week.

The season lasts until mid-March.