La Mesa Mayor Gets Public Tongue-Lashing

One week after a drunken escapade, a lingering political hangover for La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid.

"I would like to say `congratulations,' it appears you are sober tonight," said one speaker at the La Mesa City Council meeting Tuesday night.

The meeting turned into a public scolding. "..demand Art Madrid's resignation, it's over due!" said another speaker.

The outrage after a night of drinking has led to questions of special treatment.

Madrid admits he drank too much Wednesday night and then got a ride from city staffer. Sources told 10News the woman was Patricia Turner.

According to a 911 call and a police log, the call came out as an SUV parked, with its engine running, a passenger passed out on the sidewalk and the driver passed out at the wheel.

Madrid admits he was vomiting on the sidewalk.

Officers arrived and drove the two to the mayor's house a block away but they never conducted a sobriety test.

Police Chief Alan Lanning said there was never enough evidence to place a driver behind the wheel.

While some questioned the police actions, most saved their anger for Madrid.

"Mr. Madrid proved beyond a doubt he's not only an embarrassment, but a liability as well," said La Mesa resident Dennis Twiss.

Outside the council chambers, the sharp opinions turned loud, forcing officers to intervene.

Madrid tried to quell the outrage with an apology.

"I apologize to the citizens of La Mesa through the media and I promise them it will never happen again," he said.

But the apology was met with this from one resident.

"La Mesa's the laughing stock of East County because of you."

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