La Mesa Assemblyman Fined Over Campaign Contributions

La Mesa Assemblyman Joel Anderson was fined for taking questionable campaign contributions, 10News reported.

Anderson's fine was issued by the Fair Political Practices Commission and will cost him $20,000.

On Thursday, Anderson told 10News mistakes were made and he has done everything he can to fix them. However, some political experts question how the situation will impact his expected race for the state Senate.

Prior to being fined by the FPPC, Anderson was not ready to answer questions posed by 10News' I-Team.

"We're working really closely with the FPPC and they're going to make a ruling on it later this week," Anderson told the I-Team on Wednesday.

Anderson's office issued the following statement regarding the questionable campaign contributions: "I acknowledge that mistakes were made and am glad to know that the FPPC agrees that I have done everything within my power to correct those mistakes."

At issue was the campaign contributions made by Anderson's supporters to the Fresno County Republican Central Committee -- money they then donated to Anderson within just a few days. Those contributions exceeded the $3,900 limit on personal donations that candidates can accept.

"It looks really shady, but it probably won't affect him too much," said political expert Rosco Williamson.

Anderson has not formally announced he is running for the state Senate in 2010, but Williamson believes if he does, this won't have too much of an impact on Anderson's political future.

"He should be OK, and because he did the settlement it probably won't be an issue in the future," said Williamson.

The FPPC said Anderson admitted to violating the Political Reform Act, but did cooperate with the investigation.

Supervisor Jeff Stone of Riverside County has already announced he will run for the state Senate seat Anderson is interested in.

Anderson's office said they could not comment on the matter since the La Mesa assemblyman has not officially announced his intentions to run for the Senate seat.