La Jolla residents demand safer road

Residents say Torrey Pines Road is dangerous


It may not be your typical out-to-dinner outfit, but La Jolla resident David Duea dons a neon jacket and flashlight four nights a week to take his wife out to dinner.

"It's very scary," said Duea.

He said it is scary because standing in their way is Torrey Pines Road, a four lane "expressway" with cars reaching speeds of 60 mph. The roadway stretches a mile long and has no crosswalk and on one side, no sidewalk.

"When we arrive at the restaurant, people there know us now," said Duea. "They know we're the people who risk our lives to cross the street."

Duea is not the only nearby resident who feels this way. One told 10News she thought it was a matter of time before somebody got killed.

"It's just going to happen one of these days," added another resident.

More than one year ago, San Diego City Council agreed to fix the problem. Using $1.2 million in federal and Transnet funding, so far, the only change has been two speed sensors.

Residents said that change was seven months ago and for $14,000, they do not work. Video sent to 10News shows car after car passing by the sensor without a single reading in sight.

Parents said the speeds on the road are a danger.

"I walk with my kids to school sometimes and when we come back, you know, you wonder if you're being a good parent," said parent Leigh Plesniak.

The speed is also an issue for the seniors in the area, who need to cross the road to get into town.

Residents who lived near the Torrey Pines Corridor 40 years ago remember a time when it had gentle bends and two crosswalks. Sky10 captured what it looks like today. The road is straighter, the cars are faster and the crosswalks are gone.

Duea said it can take more than five minutes to cross the street and that it is a process.

When 10News reporter Natasha Zouves tried to cross, she had to run out into the middle yellow line and wait there while cars zoomed by inches away. It took her a total of five minutes to cross the four-lane street.

10News contacted the office of San Diego City Councilwoman Sherri Lightner. They told 10News they have been designing a sidewalk and crosswalk and that construction is not expected until 2013. Also, they said they were running out of money. The $920,000 in leftover funds is not enough.

Duea said he has had enough and has an invitation for Lightner.

"You come and cross the street with me and we'll have dinner at the Marine Room," he said.

There is no word yet on whether she plans to attend.


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