La Jolla Residents Ask For Safe Place To Cross

Residents Say They Want Safer Crossing On Torrey Pines Road And Amalfi Street

Some La Jolla residents said they are taking risks everyday because there are no sidewalks or cross signals on Torrey Pines Road and Amalfi Street and are taking extreme measures to tackle the traffic.

David Duea crosses the street wearing a yellow vest with a light in his hand and he runs the rest of the way.

"It really frustrates me that people are so discourteous," said Duea. "A couple of minutes either way isn't going to hurt their lives, but it could take ours."

Duea and his neighbors live near Torrey Pines Road and Amalfi Street and they said they have no way of getting to the Village.

The nearest crosswalk is on Prospect, which is two blocks away.

Signs were supposed to be posted to help keep drivers aware of their speed, but the La Jolla Traffic and Administration Board told 10News speed is not an issue.

Each day, 52,000 vehicles travel on the road. 10News used a radar gun to see how fast cars are going. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour, and most of the cars are following the rules.

Regardless, pedestrians such as Enrique Raylin and his family have to cross hand-in-hand to make sure they do not get hit.

"They don't stop. You can't see them and they can't see you," said Raylin. "It's just a death waiting to happen."

The city did not receive $500,000 in stimulus funds to do engineering for the Torrey Pines Project until the beginning of the year. The project will address hill stabilization and drainage issues, which need to be done before they can consider adding a crosswalk.

La Jolla resident Sherry Nooravi said the city is not doing enough.

"This is an accident waiting to happen and that's the last thing we want to see," she said.