Kids' Web Use On Cell Phones Raises Concerns

Parents Express Concern In Light Of Local Underage Sex Arrest

More children are using their cell phones to browse the Internet, which has caused concern among many parents 10News spoke to Wednesday.

"You have no idea what they could be getting into even if you have the latest computer monitoring software to check up on your children," one mother told 10News.

Companies like San Diego-based Pandara offer not just the website history, but everything that was said and done on that website can be recorded. However, all that work is a waste if children are browsing on their cell phone.

"You can't maybe see what they did unless you have their log in and password," said Pandara Sales Director Sean Montana.

"It’s just opening a can of worms and it is a slippery slope," another parent said about cell phone use.

"You have to protect them because they are not going to protect themselves," a parent told 10News. is the website where the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said 20-year-old Jose Adrian Cano and the 15-year-old girl involved in last weekend's kidnapping-rape hoax met.

"This is a site you can get on your cell phone with and chat," said Sheriff's detective Randy Avila.

10News contacted to ask what the site had to say about an adult using it to meet with underage girls. Representatives for the site had no comment.

Montana said Pandara has considered getting the software on other devices, but for the most part the websites children are going to on cell phones and what they are doing on those sites can slip by without parents ever knowing.