Jury Deliberations Continue In Arevalos Trial

Anthony Arevalos Accused Of Trying To Elicit Sexual Favors From Women

Jurors deciding the fate of a former San Diego police officer accused of trying to elicit sexual favors from seven women he pulled over in the Gaslamp District completed their first full day of deliberations Monday without reaching a verdict.

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Deliberations will resume Tuesday morning in the trial of 41-year-old Anthony Arevalos.

Jurors asked Monday for the transcripts of the testimony of three of the alleged victims. Judge Jeffrey Fraser told the panel that transcripts weren't available, but that the jurors could have testimony read back to them if they wanted.

Arevalos is charged with assault under the color of authority, sexual battery by restraint, soliciting or receiving a bribe and false imprisonment by force or fear. He faces more than 19 years in prison if convicted of 21 felony counts.

The 18-year SDPD veteran was fired after allegations came to light in March that he tried to make a deal with women he stopped and sexually assaulted three of them. Most of the stops in question were for driving under the influence and happened between September 2009 and March of this year.

In her closing argument last week, Deputy District Attorney Sherry Thompson said Arevalos "used the Gaslamp like a playground to stop people as he saw fit."

Thompson told jurors that Arevalos asked the women "What can you offer to get out of a DUI?"

Defense attorney Gretchen von Helms told the jury in her closing argument that there was reasonable doubt on many of the charges, saying some counts could be construed as misdemeanor conduct.

Von Helms said most of the alleged victims were drunk and their testimony exaggerated.

The attorney said some of the alleged victims sought benefits for their testimony, such as getting their DUI cases dismissed, while some have a vested interest in the outcome of the criminal case because they have filed claims against the city seeking monetary damages.

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