Judge To Decide If Hedge Returns To Hospital

A judge will decide if a sexually violent predator will return to a South Bay community or be sent back to a state mental hospital, 10News reported.

Matthew Hedge's psychiatrist testified that the convicted pedophile still occasionally has deviant thoughts of children.

"He would describe having what we term 'pop-up thoughts,' which are just very fleeting thoughts which would not formulate into actual fantasies," said psychiatrist Jason Kornberg.

Hedge also told his doctor he recently saw a little boy in a public restroom and the only urge he felt was to leave.

"He described the whole incident as walking into the bathroom, seeing a boy with his pants down and then immediately turning around, walking out and thinking to himself, 'How could I have been attracted to that?'" said Kornberg.

Kornberg said he wanted to increase Hedge's Prozac dosage, but his patient worried it would affect intimacy with his wife. Hedge's attorney said he only fantasizes about adult women and that his treatment is working.

However, Alan Stillman, director of Liberty Healthcare's Community Safety Team, said Hedge fails to report risky behavior.

"The main element in any treatment program is going to be the ability of the client to be motivated to be as transparent as possible," said Stillman.

Hedge's apparent transparency led to his arrest last month at his trailer near Donovan State Prison.

Prosecutors said he admitted to using a cell phone to take a picture of his driver's legs, pleasuring himself to women on TV and other violations of his release.

If the judge decides to send Hedge back to the state mental hospital for treatment, it won't be the first time.

In 2005, when he was first placed in an outpatient treatment program, his status was revoked within six months for violating the conditions of his release.

Hedge served 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to molesting four children in 1989. He was entered into the sexually violent predator treatment program in 1997.