iPads, Laptops Stolen From Romney Aides' SUV

Stolen Items May Have Valuable Information For Opponents Of GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

10News has uncovered a crime against members of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign which may have compromised sensitive information related to Romney's run for the White House.

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Last Friday, two campaign aides left their rented SUV in the Horton Plaza parking garage while they got dinner. When they returned, someone had grabbed all their belongings, including two iPads, two handheld radios and two laptops with detailed information about Romney's presidential campaign.

"This could just be a coincidence," said political analyst Carl Luna. "Then again, given this campaign season and how negative it's been, dirty tricks are not alien to American politics."

Police said there was no sign of forced entry on the SUV and they are still not sure if the burglary was random or if Romney's aides were targeted. Luna said the laptops and iPads could be a treasure trove of valuable insider information for Romney's opponents.

"Best case scenario for the Romney camp… these things are going to be sold at a swap meet on the side," said Luna. "Worst case scenario… some of this stuff makes it onto the Internet and if somebody could spin it against them they might.

Romney's campaign spokesman told 10News the burglary is unfortunate and is an inconvenience. He added that he is not concerned about the stolen information.

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