Investigators Finish 2nd Review Of Zahau Cellphone

Extended Probe Does Not Uncover New Information, Investigators Say

Investigators told 10News they have concluded an extended review of the cellphone belonging to Rebecca Zahau, the woman found dead in the Coronado Spreckels mansion in July.

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A new review was conducted after Zahau's family complained not enough was done to retrieve a message she received before authorities said she took her own life.

Investigators said the message Zahau received indicated her boyfriend's son, 6-year-old Max Shacknai, would not survive the injuries he sustained in a fall at the mansion while he was under her care.

According to San Diego Sheriff's Department Homicide Lt. Larry Nesbitt, investigators did not learn anything new in their second analysis of Zahau's phone. Newsbitt said the probe didn't produce any new information "we didn't already have."

Nesbitt told 10News investigators initially conducted a manual search of Zahau's phone, a Samsung Focus, but new technology was used in the latest review to closely examine anything the phone's contents might reveal.

"We have received no new information," Nesbitt said. "We are willing to receive any new information, but we have not."

Nesbitt said investigators finished their reports and will eventually give the phone back to the Zahau family very soon.

Zahau's family has previously said they do not believe she killed herself, and family members have maintained her phone records don't indicate she ever received the call that investigators said pushed her to claim her own life.

Nesbitt told 10News recent media reports that said screams were heard coming from the mansion are not related to the Zahau case. He said investigators spoke to a person who reported hearing screams and that report was discounted as being part of the Zahau probe.

The Zahau family said too many questions surrounding her death remain unanswered. The family has claimed some pieces of evidence in the investigation are unaccounted for.

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