Injured Puppy Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Owner Says Pit Bull Puppy Splash Suffered Fractures On Lower Jaw After Neighbor Hit Him With Bat

A pit bull puppy that may have been a victim of abuse received emergency surgery Saturday evening.

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The 5-month-old puppy, named Splash, suffered fractures on two areas of his lower jaw after his owner says the next door neighbor hit him with an aluminum bat.

Following the alleged attack, the puppy was unable to eat or drink.

"I can't take away the pain so it hurts me to look at him," said Splash's owner, Jolene Fraker. "He can't close his mouth to eat or get water. I can't let him suffer."

Fraker could not afford the $4,500 medical procedure, so the Foundation for Animal Care and Education, or FACE, stepped in to pay the bill.

FACE, a nonprofit organization, provides financial assistance to animal owners who cannot afford the cost of their pet's emergency care.

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services said they are investigating the claims of abuse, but no charges have been filed.

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