Injured Football Player Making Steady Progress

Scott Eveland Injured In HS Football Game 2 Years Ago

Two years since suffering a traumatic brain injury during a football game, physicians said Mission Hills High School football player Scott Eveland is making steady progress.

Now 19 years old, Scott is working each and every day to get better.

"A typical day, we get him out of the chair and we get him on the mat, then we get him to stretch his truck and his neck," said

Scott goes to physical therapy three days a week in La Mesa. He is also working with a school-provided speech therapist and a tutor to help keep up with his school work.

"He's doing algebra. I look at him like, 'Wow, Scott,'" said Scott's mother, Diane Luth.

Luth is by his side every step of the way no matter how small that step might be.

Luth said Scott's progress, especially in the last few months, has been nothing short of remarkable.

"Before, he was just a steady incline, but since he's been coming to the Challenge Center, he's just going like this. He's holding his head up, he's standing," said Luth.

Scott is sitting up and standing up with the help of one person, instead of the four it used to require.

Inside jokes allow Scott to crack a smile, and he lights up the room.

Physicians said Scott's progress and recovery might take years, but for his family and friends each day is something to celebrate.

10News learned that while health insurance is still an issue, some of his care now comes from the home hospital care provided through his school.