Hundreds Of Dead Fish Found At Local Lake

Some Blame Drought On Problems At Lindo Lake In Lakeside

What is going on right now at a local lake is not only shocking for how it looks, but how it smells. Hundreds of dead fish have been found, but just a few feet away, other fish are thriving.

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The hundreds of dead fish are on the far eastern side of Lindo Lake, which has steadily suffered a lower water level.

Lakeside resident Jillian Jones told 10News,"I've never seen it this low in the 22-years that I've lived here."

Jones said in the past, water had been purchased from nearby Lake Jennings, and the lake filled in the summer, but this year that apparently hasn't happened.

Jones said, "It's just so sad to see all of these dead fish, which probably died in a very uncomfortable way in this small amount of water; probably overheated water, no oxygen, and it's just very sad."

Senior Park Ranger Patty Heyden told 10News the situation was is sad and heartbreaking, and the drought is to blame.

Heyden said they are pumping water from two wells to keep the west portion of the lake full, but there is simply not enough water to fill the east side of the lake.

San Diego County officials tried to clean up the dead fish on Thursday, but they became stuck in the mud. Heyden said they will clean out the area once the mud dries.

Heyden told 10News that Lindo Lake is filled only by rainwater and storm runoff.

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