Hundreds Line Up At Local Target For Seasonal Jobs

Hundreds of applicants lined up early Monday morning at the Target store in Clairemont for a chance to land a seasonal job.

Simon Judge, a laid-off engineer, said he is trying to make a tough transition.

"Well, you can swallow your pride … people would probably call it working for pennies, but I consider taking care of my family the most important thing," Judge told 10News.

Judge was among the hundreds of people who stood in line in hopes of grabbing one of only 100 seasonal positions up for grabs at the Clairemont Target store. He said if the economy is turning around, he has not seen it.

"Show me the recession is over. I still have a hard time feeding my kid. Pretty soon, if they don't do anything about it, everybody's going to be looking for a job," said Judge.

Competition is tough for many job seekers. In a recent survey done by a Philadelphia consulting firm, 62 percent of retailers are seeing more seasonal applicants this year, and 40 percent are hiring fewer employees.

Target is considered one of the biggest seasonal employers but with low sales expectations again this year, holiday hiring is down. However, for the people who stood in line Monday, a new application is a new possibility.

"I'd rather, you know, put some hours in and get some checks I can at least do something with. Christmas is coming, get some presents or whatnot," said Jonte Cunningham.

Jonathan Ford told 10News, "I’m an unemployed construction worker and I have no money to pay my bills. I filled out an application online and I'm hoping to get a job."

The manager of the Clairemont Target store told 10News the store is new and sales have been really good, which is why the store is hiring 100 people.

Other Target stores around San Diego are hiring between 30 and 50 seasonal workers, which is about the same number as last year.

The seasonal Target jobs pay between $8 and $12 per hour.