Hundreds Attend Vigil For Girl Who Died At School Dance

Sabrina Keller, 14, Collapsed At Woodland Park Middle School Dance

Hundreds attended a vigil on Friday for a teenage girl who collapsed at a middle school graduation dance in San Marcos Thursday night and later died at a hospital.

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  • The vigil for Sabrina Keller was held at Woodland Park Middle School, where many carried flowers and mementos for her.

    There were plenty of tears and hugs and friends remembered Sabrina. Many shared their feelings at a vigil, including her parents, who are now heartbroken by their loss.

    "She was happy. She loved life and she always thought of other people before she thought of herself," said Sabrina's mother, Jill Keller.

    Sabrina was celebrating the end of eighth grade at Woodland Park Middle School on Thursday night. Her last post on her Facebook page conveyed her excitement.

    "Finally the dance is today," she wrote. "So many plans for today and this weekend… hope to see everyone there."

    Witnesses said Sabrina had just finished dancing when she sat down then passed out on the floor.

    "She had no health problems that anyone was aware of," said family friend Darryl Eagleton.

    While there has been speculation about what caused her death, an autopsy completed on Friday was inconclusive.

    The Medical Examiner's office said further tests are needed which could take up to 90 days.

    "I know the media can sometimes jump to conclusions but let's keep it positive that she still was a good girl… If she made a bad choice, let's not take her down for that one bad choice if that's what the true outcome is," said Sabrina's father Brian Keller.

    At 14-years-old, Sabrina was a standout and sold the most Girl Scout cookies in the county.

    Friends say they will never forget the spirited and funny girl who loved to dance.

    "Her beauty… she was a beautiful girl," said a friend.

    Sabrina's family is planning a formal memorial for her next week, though a date has not yet been set.

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