Horse Protects Alpine Teen From Mountain Lion

Boney Not Injured; Horse Suffers Minor Scratches

Authorities warned Alpine-area residents Tuesday to beware of a mountain lion that threatened a teenage girl and her horse on a trail in the East County highland community.

Missy Boney, 17, was riding her horse, named Kalmar, Monday evening when a mountain lion confronted them on a trail in Rancho Pala Verde Estates, 10News reported.

"I'd have to rate it up there with the scariest thing in my life," Boney said. "It started lunging at us and (Kalmar) put his ears back, lunged back, pinned it to the ground with his front hoof and hit it with the other one."

Boney was not hurt and Kalmar got a few minor scratches.

Other residents said that they have seen a mountain lion in the area several times lately and that one attacked a pony two weeks ago.

Wardens with the state Department of Fish and Game are investigating and may declare the animal's presence a public threat

"That's what's concerning us right now is the amount of sightings. We were just out here (Monday) on another sighting," said Eric Fleet from the Department of Fish and Game.

Some neighbors in the exclusive Alpine horse community of Palos Verde Ranch said the animal looked like a large male cougar weighing close to 200 pounds.

Fish and Game officials said people have a right to protect their families and their property from wildlife, and if the cat threatens them, they can kill it.

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