'Hood and Hose Bandit' sentenced

Maurice Sinclair Gibbs to serve 25 years in prison

SAN DIEGO - An ex-con who carried out a series of late-night armed robberies at a video store, taco shop and two gas stations in several San Diego communities, earning him the "Hood and Hose Bandit" moniker, was sentenced Monday to 25 years in state prison.

Maurice Sinclair Gibbs, 46, pleaded guilty last month to six counts of robbery.

Deputy District Attorney James Koerber said Gibbs was dubbed the "Hood and Hose Bandit" because he wore a hood over his head and a nylon stocking over his face during holdups that occurred in North Park, Normal Heights, City Heights and University Heights between April 16 and May 16.

On May 17, police conducting a surveillance operation noticed Gibbs acting strangely and chased him, Koerber said. A fake gun and panty hose were found near the suspect when he was taken into custody, the prosecutor said.

In court Monday, defense attorney Paul Rodriguez urged Judge Eugenia Eyherabide to sentence Gibbs to  a lower-end term of 17 years, saying his client displayed a BB gun during the robberies and went out of his way to make sure nobody was physically injured.

Gibbs has expressed remorse for the crimes and told a probation officer the robberies were "not worth it," according to Rodriguez.

But Koerber held up the gun used in the holdups and told the judge, "He (Gibbs) was the only one who knew it wasn't real."

Gibbs, who has been in prison five times, has a prior robbery conviction from 1998 and an attempted robbery conviction from 1995. Koerber said the defendant's criminal record dates back to 1980, when he was 14.

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