Home Tented For Fumigation Burglarized

Incident Happened On Manzana Way In Bay Terraces Area

Burglars broke into a home tented for fumigation in the Bay Terraces area early Wednesday morning, according to San Diego police.

Neighbors reported seeing people enter the home on Manzana Way with flashlights around midnight, and one neighbor told 10News he confronted one of the men before that man jumped over the fence.

Homeowner Jernan Exconde visited the home and found it ransacked.

"Why? Why did it happen to me? That's all I can say and think," Exconde said.

The crime prompted a big response, not only because of the burglary but also the health risks. Hazardous materials teams equipped with breathing apparatuses eventually entered the home to ventilate it, but no burglars were found.

"While you're gone, someone goes in there and vandalizes [it]. It's a very scary situation," said neighbor Ben Ramirez.

Exconde's son told 10News a lot of valuables were stolen, including electronics and DJ equipment.

On Wednesday morning, a police officer was brought to the hospital after he complained of being overtaken by fumes. That officer is expected to be OK.

Being inside a home undergoing fumigation can be deadly. In 2005, North Park resident Linda Williams died when she fell asleep inside her complex that was being fumigated.

Although neighbors in the Bay Terraces community are shocked about what happened Wednesday morning, it is more common than most people think.

"I think they looked at it as maybe easy prey because they know no one's there," Ramirez said.

Neighbors reported seeing a black car drive away from the scene. Witnesses said the man who jumped over the fence of the home was black and about 25 to 30 years old.

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